Jan is a very loyal and trustworthy friend of ours, we are proud to have her as one of us. She stands her corner and takes no shit from anyone. She is so fearless and does not get scared, in fact, I do not think we have ever seen her scared.

We were all out for a drink one time she was over in NY and some trouble flared up, there were guns blasting away and Jan still sat there having her drink, whereas many other people would have got up and ran for their lives.

Mr Gotti said “You know where you stand with Jan” in fact he said “just look at her eyes and you know if you have said or done something wrong.”

We have lots of respect for her and wish her all the best with her book.

Michael G and Co. New York

Jan is very loyal and very understanding. She has put a smile on my face many a time simply because she is a wonderful caring soul.

I will always admire the lady, I would willingly go out of my way and rip my own leg off and smash any man to a pulp with it if he disrespected her, that’s how far I would go in protecting her.

Only a complete fool would even think of taking a liberty with the Angel of the Underworld.

Charlie Bronson/Salvador

Jan Lamb